Why a Mobile-Friendly Website is Crucial

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Did you know?

There is a massive move away from desktop PC’s to searching for products and services on mobile devices, specifically smartphones.

In fact, Google has recently started giving preference to Mobile-Friendly websites in the search results!

If you want your service or product to be found you HAVE to get a responsive (mobile-friendly) website describing your product or service!

When is a website not mobile friendly?

If you view a “non-responsive” page on the small screen of a smartphone – or even on the reduced screen of a tablet device – it reduces the whole page (images, text, navigation buttons etc.) to fit on the small screen. The user then has to zoom in and out, scroll left and right and generally struggle to read and use the page.

A responsive design, on the other hand, rearranges the page in real time to fit the small screen, without reducing elements to unreadable and useless sizes. Text size is adjusted automatically to be readable on the smaller screen – see below!

Mobile-friendly vs not mobile-friendly

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