Earn Extra Income Online: Make Money With Adsense

Earning extra income with the Google Adsense program is probably the easiest online money I’ve ever earned.

The main reason why it is so easy, is that you don’t have to do any selling. All you have to do is to get visitors to view your web pages, and Adsense will take care of the rest!

Here is how the Adsense program works:

Just about anywhere you go online you will see “Ads by Google” displayed on web pages. Most of these ads are placed by merchants or other advertisers via Google’s Adwords publishing program.

You as a website owner can ask Google to place those Adwords ads on your web pages. To be able to do this you join the Adsense program.

Now for the nice part: whenever one of your site visitors clicks on such an advert, the click triggers a cost for the advertising merchant. Of that “click-cost” you will earn a percentage of what the merchant/advertiser pays Google.

That’s it! Regardless of whether a sale is made, you will keep earning for those clicks. In fact, it usually takes only minutes for your commissions to reflect in your Adsense account.

After accumulating a threshold amount in your account, Google will send you a monthly cheque by courier, or do a direct deposit into your local bank account!

So is there a catch or can you start getting rich without further delay?

No, you won’t “get rich quick” – none of the online earning methods on this site will help you there!

And there is a catch: you need visitors to your website! So you will need patience while you set up your site and start publishing interesting information to draw visitors!