Earn Extra Income Online: How I’ve Used Clickbank For Years

CBNo, Clickbank isn’t a bank! As you will see below it is the company that pays out the commission on the products I sell through them – and I’ve deposited dollar cheques from them for many years now.

Around 2001 I was trying to find ways to supplement my income online, and it wasn’t very long before I noticed other marketers and resellers using the Clickbank system, so I went to investigate. The rest, as they say, is history!

So how does it work, and how can Clickbank help you to earn extra income online?

One of the easiest ways to sell online is to become an affiliate (independent reseller) for information products, and Clickbank is a marketplace for many thousands of “infoproducts” in the form of ebooks. These ebooks are mostly sold and delivered in downloadable PDF format. Being an affiliate basically means selling any of these products eg. via your website and earning a commission.

So how does it work?

1. Get a Clickbank ID

Open a free Clickbank account. There is a form to fill in, but it is worth the pain! Here you will set your Account Nickname which you will need to go further.

2. Find a product, get the link

Visit the Clickbank Marketplace to search for an appropriate product. I was involved in a website with nutrition related topics, so that is where I started. There are many products relating to healthy eating habits, so I did some research to find one that had a proven track record. When you see a product you like, click the “promote” button, enter your Nickname and get the link.

3. Promote the link

Once you have the link you are ready to start selling! If you already have a site, you should visit the merchant site to find promotional material relating to the product, which you can then use on your site or in any type of marketing you plan.

4. Get paid!

If a site visitor clicks that link, they are tracked as your lead, and if they buy, a percentage of the sale is immediately transferred to your account with Clickbank. Depending on your account setup, you will receive a cheque in the mail as soon as the required payment threshold is exeeded.

Note for South Africans: Don’t set the payment threshold too low, rather let the commissions build up as you will pay a fixed minimum local banking fee regardless of whether your cheque is for $100 or $250!

That’s it! These are just the bare bones – you will find more articles here in future describing various aspects of the process outlined above.